Section 20 -Strength & Conditioning with Lorna Cooper at Kenmare’s Gym

Fitness Coaches Lorna Cooper and Finn Glenn prepare to launch Lorna’s new class, Section 20, at Real World Combat & Fitness in Kenmare, Co Kerry. Lorna is an amazing coach who loves to share her passion for training with everyone she meets. Be sure to say hello to her when you see her.

Section 20 takes fitness to a new level with strength and conditioning brought to the fitness floor. If you’re a fitness enthusiast you will love challenging yourself with Step Aerobics, Kettlebells, HIIT Training, partner drills, BoxFit, barbells, squats, box jumps, agility ladders, battle ropes and so much more. Build muscle, endurance, core stability and a genuine sense of physical power. Each class is broken into three 20 minute segments that are designed to bring the very best out of you each and every time.
Reserve your spot today. Spaces go fast. Phone 064 6648486.