Giving it all with Step Aerobics in Kenmare’s Section 20 Class

We had an intense Section 20 strength and conditioning class with guest instructor, Finn Glenn, last Monday. Finn lead everyone through step aerobics with his own spin on it.

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Kenmare Personal Trainer shares Fitness with Ireland

Find the motivation and drive to help transform your body into the best shape of your life with Munster’s most sought after fitness coach, Finn Glenn. Join Finn online or out of his home gym, Real World Combat & Fitness in beautiful Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Finn will guide you through a 30 or 90 Day Body Transformation with a commitment to support you from start to finish. You will receive customized workout plans, nutrition support and live video support. For more information visit or call 064 6648486.

Finn Glenn is Munster’s most sought after Personal Trainer, Sports Consultant and Fitness Coach based out of RWCF- Kenmare.


More often than not, when you start a training program in a gym, you don’t know where to start. With a personal trainer, you can maximise your time without compromising results. I can measure and assess your initial fitness level and create a targeted programme that addresses the areas you want to build.

The great thing about personal training is that I can give you all the motivational support you need. We are truly in this together. I will push you with new challenges physically, mentally and emotionally. We might even have a lot fun doing it.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to your workout then allow me to bring an endless variety of training concepts to help stimulate and offer genuine improvement and growth. You will go beyond expectation time and time again.




I train to be strong and healthy. Of course I train for Aesthetics like the other 99% of people do, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look good? But becoming stronger and remaining in good health is my lifestyle.

The gym is a place for me to better myself as a person, as a trainer and as a role model. When I enter the gym, in my mind I am entering a battlefield. My mind is the battlefield. There will always be that voice that gives you an easy option, an easier exercise to do, less weight to lift, less reps to do but you will never get the results you are looking for if you listen and choose the easy way out. “nothing in life worth having comes easy”. I use training as a tool to make me stronger in my life outside of the gym. When I overcome adverse and intense exercises that seems ridiculous or too much, I gain a sense of confidence, a confidence that no one can take away.

I train so that I can understand what my clients are going through.
How can I tell someone what to do if I haven’t done it myself?
I train because it makes me feel, breathe and see that I can achieve great things if I work hard. I feel alive when I am training.

Strengthen your mind as much as you worry about how you look.
Your mind is the key to you achieving your physical desires.

Stay Strong.

The Power of Persistence, Drive and Determination

It’s another beautiful day here in West Cork, Ireland and I thought I would share my recent training and what pushes me on. Focusing on the need for persistence and what it takes to achieve unrealistic expectations in life has been the driving force in my day today. Day 6 and I am inspired by the words of Eric Thomas ( when he says “Pain is Temporary.”

Here are some of the highlights from the 90 Day Evolution.