Section 20 -Strength & Conditioning with Lorna Cooper at Kenmare’s Gym

Fitness Coaches Lorna Cooper and Finn Glenn prepare to launch Lorna’s new class, Section 20, at Real World Combat & Fitness in Kenmare, Co Kerry. Lorna is an amazing coach who loves to share her passion for training with everyone she meets. Be sure to say hello to her when you see her.

Section 20 takes fitness to a new level with strength and conditioning brought to the fitness floor. If you’re a fitness enthusiast you will love challenging yourself with Step Aerobics, Kettlebells, HIIT Training, partner drills, BoxFit, barbells, squats, box jumps, agility ladders, battle ropes and so much more. Build muscle, endurance, core stability and a genuine sense of physical power. Each class is broken into three 20 minute segments that are designed to bring the very best out of you each and every time.
Reserve your spot today. Spaces go fast. Phone 064 6648486.


???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“Anything is possible if you work hard enough”

Keep it simple and believe it can be done.
What are you doing today that is significant or different from any other Thursday? Change only happens with effort.

Over thinking is one of the biggest causes of our unhappiness.

Happy Thursday!




I train to be strong and healthy. Of course I train for Aesthetics like the other 99% of people do, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look good? But becoming stronger and remaining in good health is my lifestyle.

The gym is a place for me to better myself as a person, as a trainer and as a role model. When I enter the gym, in my mind I am entering a battlefield. My mind is the battlefield. There will always be that voice that gives you an easy option, an easier exercise to do, less weight to lift, less reps to do but you will never get the results you are looking for if you listen and choose the easy way out. “nothing in life worth having comes easy”. I use training as a tool to make me stronger in my life outside of the gym. When I overcome adverse and intense exercises that seems ridiculous or too much, I gain a sense of confidence, a confidence that no one can take away.

I train so that I can understand what my clients are going through.
How can I tell someone what to do if I haven’t done it myself?
I train because it makes me feel, breathe and see that I can achieve great things if I work hard. I feel alive when I am training.

Strengthen your mind as much as you worry about how you look.
Your mind is the key to you achieving your physical desires.

Stay Strong.

Summer Sizzler Sale on Gym Membership in West Cork

Summer Sizzler Sale on Gym Membership in West Cork

We have a great summer special on gym membership at Real World Combat & Fitness starting today. Buy three months and get the fourth month free. If you are home in West Cork for the summer be sure to jump on this. Be sure to check out for further details.

Win Free Gym Membership at Real World Combat & Fitness

Win Free Gym Membership at Real World Combat & Fitness

We want to give away a free month of gym membership at Real World Combat & Fitness in Drimoleague, West Cork. We are challenging our members to build a strong body and unstoppable mind with this month’s Pull Up Contest. You have one month (From now until the 6th of July) to get the highest number of pull ups in our lobby. You can try as often as you like. If you have never been able to do pull ups then let us show you how. Our trainers can get you started on a path to incredible strength gains.

Take a Free Look at Real World Combat & Fitness in West Cork

Join personal trainer Finn Glenn of as he takes you on a tour of Real World Combat & Fitness in beautiful West Cork, Ireland.

Gym Membership Sale in West Cork at Real World Combat & Fitness in Drimoleague

Gym Membership Sale in West Cork at Real World Combat & Fitness in Drimoleague

Our March Madness Sale is out today. For a limited time, you can buy two months gym membership and get the third month free at Real World Combat & Fitness in Drimoleague, West Cork. Check out our gym rates in the link below. Student rates are as low as €30 a month.

No fixed contracts. No joining fees. No hassle.