Where do you find Support for Stammering with Jamie Googan – Ireland

As a young man, RWCF coach Jamie Googan had struggled with a severe speech impediment. He was often demoralized by his lack of confidence to communicate his thoughts and ideas. The struggle was at times quite a painful one. With hard work, perseverance and support, he now sees his stammer as the catalyst that helped him become the man he was truly meant to be. Today, he passionately speaks about his mission to empower others to seek help with their struggles. If you need help reach out to one of the many excellent service providers in your community.

More info on Jamie and finding support:

Jamie Googan Profile

CIT Access

The McGuire Programme

Staying Lean with Sirloin Beef and Ireland’s Personal Trainer

Ireland’s personal trainer, Finn Glenn, is at it again with a simple but mouthwatering way to cook your next piece of quality sirloin beef. For daily tips on fitness and nutrition be sure to join us on Snapchat @BodyByFinn.

The next time you are in Murphy’s SuperValu in Kenmare, Co Kerry be sure to drop your name and number into the box near the life size Body By Finn banner next to the meat and poultry counter. You can win personal training. gym membership, unlimited classes and so much more. Contest ends July 30th 2016

Win Gym Membership and Personal Training

Murphy’s SuperValu Kenmare
Real World Combat & Fitness

Funny Bench Press with Personal Trainers in Kenmare’s Gym

We tend not to take ourselves too serious at Real World Combat & Fitness gym. There is always more than one way to get your bench press in at the end of the day. At the same time, its nice to offer a friend a lift so to speak.

http://www.RealWorldDefence.com   www.BodyByFinn.com    www.VirtusMartialArts.com

Breakfast with Ireland’s Personal Trainer and Murphy’s SuperValu Kenmare

Personal trainer, Finn Glenn, gets his day started right with a delicious omelette made with help from the good people of Murphy’s Supervalu in Kenmare, Co Kerry. Real food starts with fresh ingredients and a small bit of practice. Anyone can eat well without a need for excuses. You deserve to have the very best in life.

Grab your pan, some fresh eggs, onions, peppers, mushrooms or even some chorizo to add some spice. Within five minutes you have a tasty omellete. Follow us on Snapchat @BodyByFinn for regular tips and advice on eating well while staying lean.


Kenmare Personal Trainer shares Fitness with Ireland

Find the motivation and drive to help transform your body into the best shape of your life with Munster’s most sought after fitness coach, Finn Glenn. Join Finn online or out of his home gym, Real World Combat & Fitness in beautiful Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Finn will guide you through a 30 or 90 Day Body Transformation with a commitment to support you from start to finish. You will receive customized workout plans, nutrition support and live video support. For more information visit http://www.BodyByFinn.com or call 064 6648486.

Finn Glenn is Munster’s most sought after Personal Trainer, Sports Consultant and Fitness Coach based out of RWCF- Kenmare. http://www.RealWorldDefence.com


More often than not, when you start a training program in a gym, you don’t know where to start. With a personal trainer, you can maximise your time without compromising results. I can measure and assess your initial fitness level and create a targeted programme that addresses the areas you want to build.

The great thing about personal training is that I can give you all the motivational support you need. We are truly in this together. I will push you with new challenges physically, mentally and emotionally. We might even have a lot fun doing it.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to your workout then allow me to bring an endless variety of training concepts to help stimulate and offer genuine improvement and growth. You will go beyond expectation time and time again.

Happy Birthday Push Ups in West Cork at Real World Combat & Fitness

A big thank you to everyone who offered Birthday Wishes to Dan here at Real World Combat & Fitness in West Cork. As promised, for every Happy Birthday received on Facebook ten push ups were done. The final count had Dan doing 700 push ups with one extra for good measure. Here’s the highlights of the birthday push ups.


Tai Chi For Health with Frank Murphy

Embrace your inner peace with master teacher Frank Murphy, based out of Real World Combat & Fitness in Drimoleague, West Cork, Ireland.

Tai Chi for Health is a gentle exercise suitable for all adults including Seniors, focusing on fluid circular movements that are relaxed and slow in tempo. The exertion of the movement can be easily adjusted, making it suitable for people of all levels of ability. Seminars, Workshops and Classes are available now.

Further Information: