Battle Ropes, Box Jumps & Gymnastics in Kenmare’s Gym

We were asking ourselves why success in the gym and life comes to some and not to others. One word: Repetition. Repeating your training over and over allows us to experience the patterns that are needed for growth and improvement.

Personal Trainer: Finn Glenn of
Gym: Real World Combat & Fitness in Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland

Section 20 -Strength & Conditioning with Lorna Cooper at Kenmare’s Gym

Fitness Coaches Lorna Cooper and Finn Glenn prepare to launch Lorna’s new class, Section 20, at Real World Combat & Fitness in Kenmare, Co Kerry. Lorna is an amazing coach who loves to share her passion for training with everyone she meets. Be sure to say hello to her when you see her.

Section 20 takes fitness to a new level with strength and conditioning brought to the fitness floor. If you’re a fitness enthusiast you will love challenging yourself with Step Aerobics, Kettlebells, HIIT Training, partner drills, BoxFit, barbells, squats, box jumps, agility ladders, battle ropes and so much more. Build muscle, endurance, core stability and a genuine sense of physical power. Each class is broken into three 20 minute segments that are designed to bring the very best out of you each and every time.
Reserve your spot today. Spaces go fast. Phone 064 6648486.

Irish Personal Trainer Enjoys Picnic Lunch on the Wild Atlantic Way

What an amazing day to have a picnic in sunny southwest Kerry along the Wild Atlantic Way. Finn packed his lunch with a little help from our good friends at Murphy’s SuperValu in Kenmare. Salmon, peas and a large bottle of water to wash it all down. Food tastes better with a great view.

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Visit Murphy’s SuperValu in Kenmare for all your grocery needs. They have fresh produce, healthy treats and lean protein sources for the whole family. Look for the Body By Finn banner to put your name in for a chance to win our Get Healthy Competition. You could be working out with Finn and getting into the best shape of your life.

More info: Win Gym and Personal Training with Murphy’s SuperValu

Funny Bench Press with Personal Trainers in Kenmare’s Gym

We tend not to take ourselves too serious at Real World Combat & Fitness gym. There is always more than one way to get your bench press in at the end of the day. At the same time, its nice to offer a friend a lift so to speak.

Eating Well with Home Made Beef Burgers from Murphy’s SuperValu Kenmare

Join Personal Trainer, Finn Glenn, as he shops at his local Murphy’s SuperValu in Kenmare to pick up supplies for some tasty, mouth-watering beef burgers. For more healthy recipes and fitness tips follow us on Snapchat @BodyByFinn.

Be sure to look for the Body By Finn banner near the meat and poultry counter at Kenmare’s SuperValu and enter to win personal training, gym membership and more.

Breakfast with Ireland’s Personal Trainer and Murphy’s SuperValu Kenmare

Personal trainer, Finn Glenn, gets his day started right with a delicious omelette made with help from the good people of Murphy’s Supervalu in Kenmare, Co Kerry. Real food starts with fresh ingredients and a small bit of practice. Anyone can eat well without a need for excuses. You deserve to have the very best in life.

Grab your pan, some fresh eggs, onions, peppers, mushrooms or even some chorizo to add some spice. Within five minutes you have a tasty omellete. Follow us on Snapchat @BodyByFinn for regular tips and advice on eating well while staying lean.

Summer Adventures with Ireland’s Personal Trainer

What adventures are you up to this summer? Let us know.

During a recent trip out to the Killarney National Park we were blown away by the sheer natural beauty of it all.

Personal trainer, Finn Glenn, is looking to get involved in events and activities around Ireland. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them. Be sure to comment below.

Kenmare Personal Trainer shares Fitness with Ireland

Find the motivation and drive to help transform your body into the best shape of your life with Munster’s most sought after fitness coach, Finn Glenn. Join Finn online or out of his home gym, Real World Combat & Fitness in beautiful Kenmare, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Finn will guide you through a 30 or 90 Day Body Transformation with a commitment to support you from start to finish. You will receive customized workout plans, nutrition support and live video support. For more information visit or call 064 6648486.

Finn Glenn is Munster’s most sought after Personal Trainer, Sports Consultant and Fitness Coach based out of RWCF- Kenmare.


More often than not, when you start a training program in a gym, you don’t know where to start. With a personal trainer, you can maximise your time without compromising results. I can measure and assess your initial fitness level and create a targeted programme that addresses the areas you want to build.

The great thing about personal training is that I can give you all the motivational support you need. We are truly in this together. I will push you with new challenges physically, mentally and emotionally. We might even have a lot fun doing it.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to your workout then allow me to bring an endless variety of training concepts to help stimulate and offer genuine improvement and growth. You will go beyond expectation time and time again.