Inside Look at Kenmare’s Martial Arts for Kids

We are always having fun in our Virtus Martial Arts class. This is a sneak peek at our ages 7-11 year old class with Coach Sven. Your first class is free so be sure to contact the gym for more info and reserve you place in class.

Virtus Martial Arts offers a family oriented approach to martial arts classes aimed at children and teens. It strives to develop the balance, dexterity and coordination of the mind and body through martial arts drills, games and competitive sparring. Emphasis will be placed on values such as goal setting, self-esteem, persistence, creating a positive attitude, self-confidence, self-discipline, leadership development, as well as many others. We combine concepts from Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu and Taekwondo to create a fun yet challenging freestyle martial art programme that families love. We maintain small class sizes to ensure plenty of attention to each student. Join us out of Real World Combat & Fitness in Kenmare, Co Kerry.

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Class Schedule: Click Here

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